Battling the Ugliness in the Mirror

Have you ever gotten the feeling that something is not right after putting on your clothes in the morning?

You just stand looking at the mirror wondering if you should try on another shirt, or change the pants or maybe you realize that the shoes you so badly want to wear don’t look good with anything you have on.


Meanwhile you are already running late for your class or work place.

I came up with this simple strategy.


Pick one shirt you want to wear today (e.g. light blue or white shirt)

Move on to the trousers, make sure it complements the first selection.

Use that as a template for building your outfits, finding items that complements each other.The most important thing here is that you focus on that first item of clothing, the one you know you will feel great wearing.

If you start with your shirt the next item should be the pants, if you start with your shoes the next item should be the pants, if it is your pants then you consider your shirt next.

This works well because the items that follow complement each other. Following this strategy can save you time because instead of focusing on the whole outfit, you focus on a pair that complements each other.

Hope you enjoyed this and don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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