Be Flexible

Maintaing A Clean Wardrobe

When we talk about a curated wardrobe it means that every item can be worn with every other clothe in the wardrobe.

I know that it is not easy to maintain. The only way to achieve a curated wardrobe is to get rid of old clothes. Start with one section of the wardrobe. After a few repetition of the first principle. Start rebuilding your wardrobe.

One good way to ensure flexibility in your wardrobe is to invest in clothes that are basic in color.

Dark denims, chinos in brown and navy, button down shirts in white and blue, T-shirts in white, black and gray, navy blazer and charcoal suit. These clothes will serve as your base.

Once this has been established you can then proceed with expanding your wardrobe slowly to include a more colorful selection. A pair of brightly colored chinos, few more sport shirts and sweaters.

If you’re the more conservative type that needs to inject color into your apparel slowly, start by adding colorful accessories like socks, belts, bracelets, watches, etc. into your wardrobe.

The best way to achieve flexibility is to keep it simple and obtain few flexible pieces you can wear for longer periods.

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