Out With The Old

Keep It Clean

The process of developing a curated is a continuous one, you’ll definitely find yourself with some pair of pants or shirts that always seem to find their way to the back of the wardrobe and for one reason or the other you’ve not gotten around to throwing it away.

By weeding out items you no longer need it shows you’re in control of the wardrobe.

It’s actually very easy to keep a really neat wardrobe, the key is to ask yourself, “When’s the last time I wore or thought of wearing this?”

If, after asking yourself this question, your answer is up to a year, kindly find a way to get rid of it because you never will.

And when I say “find a way to get rid of it”, please do it in an accountable way. Sell it, or give to a friend or donate it to Goodwill, don’t just discard it in the garbage. Just because you don’t wear it doesn’t mean someone else can’t make use of it.

The important thing here is to retain a neat and clean wardrobe and fill it only with things you wear frequently.

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