positive mindset

Positive mindset according to positive psychology is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

Before I go on a rant explaining to you about how to have a positive mindset, I have to ask. Have you ever seen a Chronic alcoholic say no to a bottle? Or a crackhead say no to crack? They have a way of always getting their fix, they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want. A crackhead doesn’t have negative thoughts about getting crack. Let’s all embrace that #CrackHeadEnergy.

Most times when I talk to people about getting started on something or learning a new skill that could be vital for them, I get a lot of negativity. I get responses like “I can’t start that now”, “I can’t risk it,” the most popular one being: “I can’t do that.” What I have found is that we always end up finding a way to do what is important to us.

For other people, it’s misplaced priorities; they say they want something, but their actions speak a different language. E.g. get started on a new business, a new side hustle, buy a new course, take an exam etc. They say they don’t have the money but have the newest gadgets, latest cars, designer clothes, etc. 

Let’s all adopt the positive mindset by asking ourselves “How do I make it happen?” instead of saying “I Can’t.” Be an American and not an AmeriCAN’T, a Mexican and not a MexiCAN’T {you get the point}. Let’s just continue with the #CrackHeadEnergy. As you open your mind to possibilities your brain starts looking for solutions.

Here are five things to start doing immediately:


I spend a minimum of 1 hour a day watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading blog posts and books, and doing research on things I am interested in learning. I think everyone should do the same, if not for one hour at least 15-20 minutes, on your way to work or as you lay in bed for the night. This will change the way you see things but, you cannot skip a day.


 You need to figure out what’s right and wrong; you’ll make mistakes, you’ll also learn from them. Maybe you like content creation but dislike the social media part; maybe you like product research but hate the e-commerce management. My point is you won’t know if you don’t try.


Sometimes in life, when you’re desperate for change, you start seeing different opportunities, make sure you take your time in deciding what to do. A lot of people are marketing semi-decent business strategies as a get rich quick scheme online, be careful not to fall victim. Don’t spend money on an online course when you’re still confused about what to do. 


There is no business where you get 100% profit at every point in time, sometimes you’ll suffer loses.  Failure is an important part of learning; you will learn from your mistakes.  As Denis Waitley said, “Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare for surprises.”


This is the most important part of the five steps before you decide to read or invest, you need to ask yourself, “WHAT DO I WANT?” Only when you have answered this question can you truly move forward.

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