Productivity, most times when people hear that they immediately associate it with time and how to manage it. With the world on lockdown and the majority of the population at home, the idea of taking advantage of the extra time is something I have seen almost on every social media platform. For anyone that needs to hear this; YOU DESERVE TIME OFF. Here are some topics that some friends brought up over the weekend as we were discussing.


Yes, Money; you read that right. A lot of people will say money can’t buy happiness, that’s true but there’s a certain sense of happiness and comfort that I get when I have my bills sorted, especially this period when the fear of uncertainty is increasing the dependence on money. With the stock market going crazy recently and governments asking for help, it’s natural to crave some sort of stability. For some people, making money is part of the answer. If pushing yourself to make more money during this time is what gives you that sense of security and stability; that can be healthy and if like some of my friends the pandemic is sending your anxiety into hyperdrive, that’s okay too.


Before we get started with this; Do you need to keep busy by rearranging your room for the fourth time this month or do you just need to take a long bath today? You can do either, I’m just saying. Some twitter user last month was saying something along the lines of “if you’re not hustling through this period or making money, you lack determination.” I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. We’re all going through a global pandemic which we are all handling differently, it is bound to change us in one way or another. Adding guilt to fear is just a disaster waiting to happen. YOU DON’ T NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE THIS PERIOD.


No! Please don’t do that.
If you’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic; losing your job, a loved one or even just being alone in isolation, all of which can be damaging to your mental health, my answer to how productive you should be during this pandemic is that it should be based on the current status of your mental health. If you are not working right now, I have a post on how I am surviving the lockdown, you should check it out especially if you’re easily overwhelmed by things.


Taking a break this period is really important, I have found that for me, using my friends and family to remind me constantly to take a break works for me as I can get lost sitting at my desk working. Another good thing to keep in mind is to stay up to date with all current happenings and events without taking in too much information. I try my best to always stay relaxed and I try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day now that I am not going to school or working fulltime. One thing I found myself doing at the beginning of the lockdown was staring at my financial portfolio, which I think is a bad thing and I consciously put in the effort to stop doing that. (P.S: The stock market is crazy right now)


Balance is something I consider to be very important in life, I try to find balance in everything I do, so if I find myself stuck either with work or school-related problem, I try to do some low-stress activities to clear my head and increase my productivity, here are some of mine:


I recently moved into my new apartment last week and I haven’t been able to make up my mind on where somethings should go. I have also gone through my laptops and phone to delete redundant files. I’m looking to build a PC or a DIY Desk soon as a project to increase my productivity, it all depends on how long the lockdown lasts, I’ll drop the YouTube video soon. You can subscribe to the YouTube Channel here


Budgeting is a good way to keep yourself productive, if you’re not used to paying attention to your finances before, Now is a good time to start as any, it is minimally productive and yet not super tasking that it’ll require a lot of energy from you. Use the Contact Me page to get the link for my template.

Stay Safe!

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